Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’m supposed to go on a trip for work Wednesday. We’re flying from DC to Georgia to have a meeting with our suppliers.

My boss booked our tickets through a 3rd-party site. My co-worker today says “Gosh, I’ve been getting so many emails from 3rd-party site, it’s like I’m getting spammed!” Me, no emails, not one. Text my boss who is on vacation and he says “I’ll forward you the reservation info.”

1. It’s now 9:30pm and no info yet.

2. I try to call the airline but I don’t have the reservation number, confirmation number, or the credit card number it was booked under.


3. I have an appointment for an oil change tomorrow because my oil warning message came on, AND IM DRIVING ALL OF US TO THE AIRPORT WEDNESDAY.

4. I’m boarding my dog tomorrow so I can go on this trip.

5. My boss is supposed to meet us all at the airport.

He is notorious for not checking his texts or emails so it’s a miracle he saw my message earlier today. However nothing since then, and no reply to my “hey I haven’t gotten anything yet...?” text.

So, dear readers, do I drive the 2 hours to the airport with everyone in the car, and hope I have a reservation?

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