The draft has started! Let's discuss football and our teams future fellow pigskin fans.

The first pick is in and the Texans have picked Jadaveon Clowney

Not a surprise. There was some talk they might take a quarterback but Clowney has all the tools to be a franchise changing player

The St. Louis Rams have picked Greg Robinson OT from Auburn.


The Rams are committed to Sam Bradford for one more year at least. With him and Jake Long coming off injury they needed Offensive Line help. He is only a two year player so he's not a finished product but a physical talent.

Jacksonville Jaguars have picked Blake Bortles QB from UCF


First quarterback off the board. Bortles was considered the most NFL ready QB but had issues with arm strength and not a runner who can extend plays but is hard to bring down. Jacksonville had a lot of needs but they got QB done early.

The Buffalo Bills traded with the Cleveland Brows to move into the 4th spot and take Sammy Watkins WR from Clemson


Good pick for a team with a young QB needing we

apons. The Bills played my Pats touch last year but Manuel did not have enough guys he could depend on. I still think they're a year away but this pick helps if they truly belive Manuel is the guy.

The Oakland Raiders picked Khalil Mack OLB from Buffalo


The Raiders are going to wait for thier QB for now and get some help for that defense which ranked 28th in allowed pashing yards last year.

The Atlanta Falcons pick Jake Matthews OT from Texas A&M


Falcons needed OL help and they a good one. 3 years going up against SEC defenses, toughj, athletic. Downside is short arm length and was part of a spread offense

Tampa Bay Buccanners pick Mike Evans WR from Texas A&M


It was either him or Sammy Watkins as the first WR taken. With a young QB in Josh Mccown picked up in the off season, Tampa seems ready to commit to thier QB and get him some weapons. It's going to be differnet getting throw from Mccown than it was from Johnny Football. He's got size and can box out safeties and CB in the red zone but will have issues getting seperation

The Cleveland Browns traded picks with the Minnesota Vikings to move from 9( where they were after thier trade with the Bills) to 8th and selected Justin Gilbert CB from Oklahoma State.


Wow. You could feel the mood in the room change on a dime when they announced that pick. It was assumed it would be Johnny Manziel but nope, looks like Cleveland is either going to roll the dice and hope they get a QB later or are ready to commit to Brian Hoyer despite his injury. As for Gilbert, he played very well during his time in Oklahoma State. Ran a 4.37 in the combine . Excellent size and speed but there are concerned about run blocking.

Minnesota Vikings have the 9th pick from the Cleveland Brows and picked Anthony Barr, OLB from UCLA


Minnesota deciding to go defense with thier first pick. Excellent burst speed and acceleration and can produce "WoW!" plays but is late to locate the ball and fooled by misdirection and play action pass

With the 10th pick the Detroit Lions took Eric Ebron TE from North Carolina


Best pick in a weak TE class. The ESPN crew seem to belive he's in the Jimmy Graham mold, a WR playing in the tight end spoit. Won't block but will be another weapon for Stafford on the other side along with Brandon Pettigrew and Megatron.

The Tennessee Titans select Taylor Lewan, OT from Michigan.


ESPN guys suspected this might be the Manzel pick. The Titans declined Jake Locker's 5th year option and he has had issues with injuries. But this seems like a good pick. He had a great combine, better than Greg Robinson who went # 2.

With pick #12 the New York Giants select Odell Beckham WR from LSU


The Giants needed a wide out to replace Hakeem Nicks and they got him early. Gruden seems quite high on him, says he's a great route runner. says he has quick hands and can change gears quick to create separation, but height could be an issue and doesn't have a second gear of speed.

With the 13th pick the St Louis Rams are on the clock as we go to commercial.