Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

NFL Week 17

Bye Harbaugh. Don't let the door hitya.

Even the most optimistic Seahawks fan, which I am not, would not have told you they'd run the table on their last six games. Of course the Cardinals and Niners tanking it (to some degree) helped. But at this moment, the #1 seed feels good.


I am not emotionally prepared for the Cowboys to be good again. I'm old; I remember the bad old Aikman/Irvin days. Damn, they look good. Shit.

Oh, Lions. Never change. I know you won't.

Ditto Chargers.

What about you, GT football fans? Happy or sad this week? Are people panicking in Green Bay re Rodgers' injury? Which team do I hate least in the AFC?

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