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NH primary prediction time

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Ok I blew the last one so here are my predictions for this.


Sanders 52

Hillary 48

I suspect most independents will vote republican since its seen as a closer race. Hillary has a stronger base then suspected also NH is an older state (average age skews older). Back in 2009 it was fourth oldest, Maine was number one. This will aide Hillary.



Not doing numbers way too fluid.

Trump the victor.

Kasich number two. If independents and undecided break towards voting republican it will be for an establishment candidate. Kasich will be their candidate.


Bush I am calling it number three. A surprise third. NH is except for Vermont least religious state this hurts Cruz and Rubio. This state gave his brother the presidency in 2000. Bush like Kasich will be seen as establishment and less scary.

Rubio fourth. Saturday’s debate sunk him.

Cruz fifth.

I am shocked Rand Paul dropped out. He would not have won but he could have beaten Cruz.


Election hinges on undecided and independents. I believe they will vote republican.

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