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NHL Winter Classic! LEAFS WIN!

Who's watching the Leafs play the Red Wings outdoors in a few minutes? It looks crazy down there. Snow everywhere. Should be a fun game to watch.

Who's your team? GO LEAFS GO!!!


Edit: It's hilarious to see them all out there with eye black like football players. :)

Edit 2: GTFO Don Cherry. I will never understand why you still exist.

Edit 3: Reimer will always be my guy. ALWAYS. However, it's awesome that Bernier is gonna wear that toque for the whole game. :)

Edit 4: END OF 1st! so far, no score. Loook at this brutal penalty by Lupul though! He's lucky he only got 2. Woah there, Lupul.


Edit 5: SECOND PERIOD! The snow has let up a tiny bit. Paul Ranger is sporting some awesome tiger stripe situation with his eye black:


Dammit Alfreddson! 0-1 Detroit:


Wow. Detroit's goalie Howard has really been robbing van Riemsdyk! Third one's a charm! 1-1 tie game!


...and that ends the second!

Edit 6: THIRD PERIOD! Because of the wind, they will switch sides at the 10 min mark. The snow seems much better. The whole area looks brighter and easier to see. Some of the clouds must have cleared out.


Nice! Phaneuf goal! Well, I think Bozak tipped it in, but still: 2-1 Leafs!


Okay, they ended up giving it to Bozak. That's what I thought. He's number 42 there in the photo.

Okay, they blew the horn at 10 minutes to go. They'll switch sides and the announcers seem to think this is good for the leafs because of the way the wind is blowing. I sure hope so, being up one halfway through the third, but I've never accounted for the wind while watching hockey before so what do I know?


Uh oh, van Riemsdyk took a penalty for hooking. Gaddamit, JVR, wtf:


Okay they killed it off, but shortly thereafter BOOM Abdelkader! 2-2 tie again!


A minute left. Still 2-2 but the leafs haven't been looking good after that goal. Kessel has been hrut somehow. He went down on a hit with no penalty and looks pretty rough skating to the bench. Anyway, WE'RE GOIN' TO OVERTIME!

Edit 7: OVERTIME! Okay, I guess Kessel is fine since he's out there.

AH! They got me too! Zetterberg (Detroit) was rushing up into the Leafs zone and just as he did they blew the horn because they're switching sides halfway through the overtime and everyone freaked out in the stands wondering wtf! haha.


Overtime solves nothing! time for a SHOOTOUT!

Edit 7: SHOOT OUT!

Alfredsson - no goal!

JVR - no goal!

0-0 Tie!

Datsyuk - goal!

Lupul - goal!

1-1 Still tied!

Tatar - no goal!

Bozak - goal!


2-1 Shootout!


3-2 is the final!

Thanks for coming out Detroit. Good game everyone but my Leafs take it home in the shootout! :D

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