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Nicer Dresses For a Big(gish) Lady?

I am in that magical wonderland between regular sizes and plus sizes (size 14ish), and Boyancé's idiot "friend" is having a fancy ass wedding that I have nothing to wear to. I don't think it's "formal", I just think my typical, "nice enough for a work meeting" dresses won't work. I am raiding Modcloth but I didn't know if anyone else had other suggestions for places to look!

1) Budget is a consideration but I don't need dirt cheap.

2) Quality is important to me.

3) I will sacrifice my first-born before I set foot in a mall. Online pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.




I really want this one but I guess that's taboo. And I hate these people so I just want to get through it with my head low. The woman is exactly the type of person to make my life miserable forever if I did something like wear white to her wedding. ORRRR I could do it so they shun us and then I never have to see them again.


ETA: Fuck, maybe I'll get that dress above for my own wedding, haha. I have a friend who is a costumer making a dress for me but she would also be able to embellish one if i found a good one (needs more sparkles - I am tacky).

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