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Nicknames for significant others

A lot of us have significant others, and we talk about them on here fairly regularly. A lot of us have a chosen nickname we use while posting about them.

I call my spouse Mrs. Blalock. Those who catch us when we occasionally play CAH know her as Nimsimbelmynë. They work, but I realized I had a much better nickname for her staring me in the face for the last six years. Are you ready?


Well, now that I type it out, I don’t think it is as good as I originally thought. It does work like Dr. Mrs. Hatrack, Boyjangles, or Mr. 4th.


Consider this thread an open field to play with nicknaming a current or future significant other. I am going to keep working on mine.

Blalady. No. Ladylock. Nah, the doesn’t work either. Hmmm...

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