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Nicole Byer delivers some truth on the Jerry Seinfeld mess

Comedienne, and all around wonderful person who I want to be my secret BFF, Nicole Byer took to her tumblr to share her thoughts on Jerry Seinfeild's interview regarding race/gender and comedy. Here is what she has to say:

YES JERRY YES! FINALLY! Diversity doesn't matter in comedy or anywhere else in the world. The entertainment world shouldn't reflect the real world.

What a fucking weird thing to say that you don't care about diversity. Why wouldn't you want to enrich your comedy by having a different point of view to make your comedy better? I think funny to Jerry is white… I think I would be less offended if he straight up just said I have white people on my silly web series because I like white people my comedy is for white people and I AM WHITE PEOPLE! Then put on his hood and yelled WHITE POWER and burned a cross on stage. JK if he did the last part I might be offended… but not really. Theres no shame in liking what you like. Like that Duck Dynasty dude saying he doesn't like gays… well cool, now I never have to watch a show that I've never had an interest in watching. Know what I mean? This is the same… I've never seen a full episode of Seinfeld and I doubt I will… his funny isn't my cup of vodka.

I do think the funniest person should get recognition/work/whatever but as a minority its hard. Very hard… partly because no one is really looking for your story. Sure there were a bunch of black people movies this year… but where were the hispanic movies? The Asian movies? The hungarian american movies? UGH I COULD GO ON ALL DAY ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT AND RACE. However I will end on this… the race problem in america will be solved when there are more JLo movies.


Now if this is your first encounter with Ms. Byer, I am sorry you have lived such a sad and empty life. I will leave this hilarious YouTube video from the Upright Citizens Brigade to help induct you into our burgeoning Nicole Byer cult make you laugh.

If you already love her, you and I have so much in common! Let's plan our hypothetical slumber parties in the comments!

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