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Nicotine Quit, one month out/Open Thread

So I looked at the calendar today and realized it had been one month since I had any nicotine. Holy shit. I was 15 cigarettes per day back in January.

For people interested in how I did it, I first switched from cigarettes to a vape, and got a pretty nice vape too. The blus and the disposable e-cigs are too shitty. I then bought an even nicer vape, and kept mixing up the liquids so I wouldn’t want to switch back. Eventually, I started to dislike vaping (something wrong with my tastebuds, I think) and I swapped to patches for a long trip to Scotland (photos of that maybe coming later) in July. The logic was that I didn’t want to be tramping in Skye or on a boat in Loch Ness and feel compelled to bust out the vape. Seemed tawdry. Then once I got back, I just “forgot” to put a patch on for my jet-lag day, since I figured it’d be an awful day anyhow.


After that it was just willpower and eating whatever I wanted - the logic being that quitting was so much more important than my current dieting goals. So far so good. I also took up lifting, which helps fulfill the masochistic drive that made me like smoking so much.

Anyhow. How’s the monday going?

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