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This week in the UK Conservative MP Nigel Evans was found not guilty of one count of rape and five counts of sexual assault. All against young men and all of which were alleged to have happened when he was drunk.

There was not nearly enough evidence to convict him but in the wake of his not guilty verdict we have seen the kind of reaction from his colleagues, the press and him that tells the story of why victims feel like they can't report sexual assaults in our society.


A quick round up:

Nigel Evans says the CPS (Criminal Prosecution Service) should repay him the £130,000 he spent on his defence.

Everyone's favourite troll Liz Jones used it as an opportunity to criticise women's drunkenness and slutty clothes. (BITCH)

The CPS have to stop dragging innocent people's names through the mud

Basically the good and the powerful have reacted like there was no truth to the fact that to proceed with any prosecution there has to be evidence and that Nigel Evans is well known to be a bit of a drunken letch.


Once again the mainstream ignores systematic culture of drinking and powerful men using their positions to harass those below them, in this case it was young gay men within Parliament or young gay men within his political party. The culture of long days and longer nights, drinking in parliamentary bars has led to a culture in the Houses of Parliament that allow Members of Parliament get away with pushing limits passed what is acceptable with young members of staff. As one former parliamentary researcher (staffer) put it "'For whatever reason, there are a lot of young, good-looking gay guys working in parliament at the moment and some MPs just think they can get away with advancing on them sexually – whether invited or not – because the culture permits it."

Channel 4 News did an interesting piece on the "sexual politics of Westminster"


Basically when a man is found innocent he becomes a pure and sainted victim of the police and prosecution who have dragged there names through the mud. This and the recent acquittals of other famous men, William Roche and Dave Lee Travis will once again allow the media to talk only about innocent men, not about the thousands of women who never report their rape, let alone those who do but get told it's a "he said, she said".

I guess the only solace I can take is that for the first time in a long time the police and CPS are taking sexual assault accusations against famous and powerful men seriously enough to try and prosecute.


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