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Night cream nightmare?

Well, it's not really a nightmare. I was looking for something to even out my skin tone and stuff with vitamin C seemed to work. I'd been using a sampler of some Murad product with vitamin C and it worked, but I didn't want to shell out a bunch of money to buy more of it. So I went to CVS and dropped a substantial $15 on Neutrogena multivitamin nourishing night cream. I've been using it for two days and it is... dense. My skin feels oily, I think I have a minor breakout on my cheek. Should I stick with it or quit right away?

It's probably a great product for super dry skin, so if anyone here wants it, I will send it to you. I just feel bad wasting money if I don't use it.


Are there other products anyone recommends? Here's my problem: My natural skin tone is a medium brown got from years of natural tanning living in a country with 365 days a year sun exposure. But life in the midwest makes me lose my tan every fall/winter, which I regain in the summer, so now I only have perfect skin for 2 months a year! The rest of the time, I lose the tan in patches, so my skin tone is varying shades of light to medium brown. Foundation helps. But I was hoping something would just make it even so I don't always have to wear makeup!

Sometimes I feel like all I do around here is solicit product recommendations and critique cultural appropriation. :P

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