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I’d noticed him before. He’d been hanging around for a while now. At first I ignored him. There was no reason the two of us had to interact. But there he was, constantly showing up at the edges of my vision. Playing a game I wasn’t sure I wanted to get involved in.

As the night progress I grew weary and he more coy. He wasnt as actively around anymore but I would catch glimpses of him when I dared to look. I knew for this to go any further I’d have to ask. So I did what any woman in my situation would have done. I threw my panties. Knowing it would lure him out of his corner. It worked too! But then.. I was sure he was gone.

Until there I sat. Mucking around on GT on my phone when I saw him show up again. Lit up by the light from my screen. Unwilling to loose him again I closed my hand around him. After our back and forth I was shocked to realise I finally had him in my grasp.


Then the little fucker bit me right in my hand! Goddamn muskeeto!

He’s buzzing around still, the little asshole. 😤

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