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I hate it when I have a nightmare. But, then, I'm also not thrilled I can't go back to sleep.

Worst nightmare ever, I dreamed I was talking to my mother in the kitchen, while she was doing dishes. Then, in the dream, I went into the living room, and there she was, doing the laundry. I could still hear here doing dishes in the kitchen and see her back, but there she was, in front of me, sorting laundry and asking me why I looked so odd. Creepiest feeling ever.

In retrospect, I was probably internally horrified that I would have to do housework for the rest of my life. ha. I was only six when I had that dream, and I woke up and was very afraid. I sat up the rest of the night and was really suspicious of my mother the entire day after.


To amuse myself when these moments of insomnia, I look for silly things on the interwebz. I have succeeded in finding the perfect cat photo for the day, and we're only an hour in.

I feel envious of that cat right now.

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