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Nightmare week or, TGIF

This week, y'all. Just... this week. Come commiserate with me about the week and celebrate the weekend's arrival.

TW: Whinge! Plus, a literal nightmare.


1. Thanks to snow days, I ended up needing to grade 150 papers in a week. I've worked 60+ hours this week.

2. Homey had his first PT appt. We thought he was going to get off his crutches by the end of next week at the latest. LOLOLOLOL. Nope. He still has 6 - 8 more weeks on them. So, like, another month and a half - 2 months of me doing everything for him!

3. My running buddy can't run on weekends because she's married to a controlling POS.

4. I've not been sleeping well but I did have a nightmare the other night. I dreamt that shrimp were actually mer-dogs (French bull dogs with fishy-shrimpy tails) and jumbo shrimp were just people. I kept trying to convince people to stop eating shrimp ("They can talk! They're people! They have families!" and people kept saying, "But they're shrimp! Shrimp are for eating").


To make things worse, the "fishermen" were tricking jumbo shrimp into slaughterhouses by telling them their kids would receive free medical treatment—then they'd skin the whole family.

For realsies, guys, thank goodness this week is over. In good news: It's officially spring break! I got some hard cider and fancy cheese and chocolate. Oh! I also chcked out a bunch of stuff at the library to read on my break.


How about you all? Why are you happy the week's over? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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