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Uhh, so I have started sleeping with a mask (this one, in a different design) to help me stay asleep through the night. I am still adjusting to it, but so far it's worked. Last night, I fell asleep with it on. I woke up with nothing on my face. I felt around all over my side of the bed to see if it was next to me. Nothing. I use my cellphone as a flashlight and look behind and under the bed. Nothing. I even tried looking under RedHandedJack. Nothing, except an angry boyfriend. My theories as to how this happened:

  1. It slipped off my face and into the void.
  2. When RedHandedJack came to bed, he saw it in a weird position on my face, and decided to take it off and hide it from me.
  3. Ghosts? Intruders?

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