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Nikki Haley resigning --updated

Nikki Haley is meeting with Trump in the Oval and she has told her staff she is resigning.



Is it a desire for a political future?

Is it that Trump got laughed at for his speech last week and made a fool of himself?


Is it a woman thing because of the Scotus stuff and Trump’s statements?

Is it something personal?

Is she transferring to another position in the administration?

Is it that she too may have an investigation for spending?


ETA: she is leaving at the end of year—Trump has invited her to come back and have her choice of positions in the administration. She says she wants some “time off”.

ETA Update 2—Nikki states she will not be running for anything in 2020.

WH states Ivanka will NOT be the replacement.

For some reason Lindsey Graham also weighed in on how great Nikki is.

One reporter --Jonathan Swan from Axios has been on MSNBC all day and he keeps saying  “I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!”  and then he comments on the administration statements “I DON’T BELIEVE THEM”.   He’s been on about 3 different shows and he’s said the same thing every time.

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