So thanks to everyone who talked me into going to the NIN concert last night. It was pretty fucking awesome, even though I think I knew maybe 4 songs they played? Let's see: Head Like A Hole, Terrible Lie, Sanctified, I'm Afraid Of Americans, and Hurt. So, five.

I was very bummed they didn't play Closer or The Only Time, which are two of my favorites. But they put on an amazing show. (OMG THE LIGHTS! All I could think was that they'd be AWESOME to watch with some mind-altering substances, and I don't mean the clouds of pot smoke filling the main floor.)

Fuck moshing, though. I AM TOO OLD FOR THAT SHIT. At one point I was standing with my elbow straight out so that the next person who rammed into me would get an elbow to the chest. Also, the couple in front of me had to be on molly, because they were seriously joined at the mouth for like 90% of the show. I really wanted to Vine it just to be a dick.

I know I said I'd tell y'all about the show, but that's about all I've got. What can I say? I'm not a music critic. It was loud and fun and NIN's fan base is pretty diverse. Lotsa old farts there. Glad I went. Even if my feet hurt. :)