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Nintendo 3ds eshop sale my suggestions

If you get an eshop card or two for Christmas this is what to buy from the games on sale.

Infinite Dunamis a traditional rpg. One character is a robot she needs crystals to increase her stats. It is a 16 bit game and gives a Phantasy Star 3 feel. For $4.99 well worth it. I am at 39 hours on easy mode (most other jrpgs this would be normal mode). Its longer the 7th Dragon III which I paid $25 for and not as good but had better graphics.


Adventure Bar Story a quirky story in some ways a very traditional jrpg but you also have a restaurant so quests you gather ingredients and recipes. Not hard but fun. You want a restaurant that sells a lot. This is $3.99.

Banana Bliss a very fun puzzle game for $1.99 essentially a one screen game. About 350 levels. As a monkey you need to collect all the hearts to give to your monkey girlfriend. One of my fav puzzle games.


For about 15 dollars in the Phoenix Wright trilogy consisting of mystery cases with loads of text. I bought it when it was on sale before and never went past third case in first game.Clearly a love it or hate it game. It consists of first three PW DS games.

Mercenaries 2. A bite sized Strategy game like Fire Emblem but no petmanent death. I had fun. For $3.99 its worth it.


Both Quell games for $1.99 each two solid puzzle games.

Monster Shooter a mindless shooter. I enjoyed it. Not hard fun time waster.

Monster Hunter 4 well that’s price Gamestop has plus you can trade physical copy.


If you have a youngun who never played NES games. Megaman Collection is on sale for circa $7.50. Its well worth it if you like ubertough games. Plus younguns have a save function which original players lacked besides the annoying passwords. It consists of NES Megaman games 1 to 6. Worth it period.

Any game you suggest?

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