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NIPPLE NEWS: Grumpy Cat Pasties are a thing

Do you ever feel like Grumpy Cat conquered the virtual world and, hey, has also become popular offline (with Grumpy Cat iphone cases, pillows, and everything else in this Buzzfeed article) but there's still one realm without her famous pout? Have you had to settle for using Grumpy Cat stickers to shield your nipples from the harsh world?


Well fear not, friends, because Grumpy Cat pasties exist!

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Two cranky feline friends, right there on your chest. I would keep my Grumpy Tittens well fed with cheez-it bra crumbs.

The company, Montabahn, makes a wide range of pasties. Also available are Nyan Cat (with tassels!) and Starship under the "Pop Culture" subcategory of nipple coverage. Other categories include food (bacon), animals, classic, cute, and "bulk"—which I assume includes deals like buy-two-get-a-third-half-off. The Chandler Bing Special!

At $45 a set, it's getting awfully expensive to cover one's nipples and nubbins so I'll probably just stick to the ol' double sided tape and quarters method.

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