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NiqaBitch and France's Anti-Burqa law

As you may know (I didn't - I'm not always that great about staying up-to-date on international news), France banned burqas in 2011. There is a fine of 150 euros if you are caught wearing one in public.


In response, these two women calling themselves NiqaBitch filmed themselves walking around wearing extremely short skirts and heels as well as the niqab, or burqa head covering. They did not, in fact, get fined or receive any discipline, apparently because they did it before the law went into effect. It isn't clear to me whether they did it as a protest or an experiment or both (maybe it would help if I could read French!)

This piece provides an interesting commentary on what questions this act raises: "to what extent are the two women able to 'break' the law because they have garnered the approval of the heterosexual male gaze?" Also, is the veil, in itself, oppressive, and does covering oneself in itself prevent sexualization? I have a few of my own questions to add: what was NiqaBitch trying to accomplish with this? Who are they and what's their relationship to Muslim women? Do you think what they did was effective and/or respectful?

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