Welcome To The Bitchery

NJ I am in you! (and bonus wedding pics!)

HEY GT! I am back! And jetlagged!

It ended up taking me something like 27 hours of travel to get to my new home because of O'Hare being shut down for a bit, but I made it. And I picked up my car yesterday. Kitties arrive tomorrow!


NJ IS GORGEOUS. OMG. To be honest, I was picturing some kind of industrial wasteland because of all the jokes and stereotypes, but holy fuck. There's been a few spots that were absolutely breathtaking. AND SO MANY TREES! I have honestly never seen anything like it ever in my life.

I can't sleep! Jet lag cures and/or insomnia tips would be greatly appreciated!

Now, as promised...here's some wedding pix of me an MitsuBT (MisterBT?).

Okay, now I force myself to sleep. Good night!

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