So I tried changing the time-stamp on yesterday's post and I don't know what happned. #Kinjaproblems

Comment or email me if you're coming. Come on people! We need a Jersey girls meetup. Flip a table and call someone a prostitution-whore. Argue over sprinkles vs. jimmys.

So far I have:

WWTDDGeekgirl (me), MadPiglet and MisfitToy.

Saturday 2/22 is coming up for the NJ Meet-up

Location will be Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick, NJ. It's close to the train station and New Brunswick parking is usually pretty easy.

Time will be 5:00 pm. I'll call tomorrow or Wednesday to get us a reserved corner if I can get a headcount. Email with a yay and your username.

Let me know what I'm missing.