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NJ Meetup 2/22 at 5pm

Same deets below since it looks like we'll only be about 5 or 6, I'll get there about 4:45 or I can just reserve a table of 10 under the name Groupthink and risk wrath of the hostess. I waitressed so I'd hate to be those people but its also hard planning event with no real names and no phone numbers to text. (Seriously how did people survive social gatherings without cellphones?)

Saturday 2/22 is coming up for the NJ Meet-up

Location will be Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick, NJ. It's close to the train station and New Brunswick parking is usually pretty easy.


Time will be 5:00 pm. I'll call tomorrow or Wednesday to get us a reserved corner if I can get a headcount. Email WWTDDGEEKGIRL@gmail.com with a yay and your username.

Let me know what I'm missing.

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