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GUYS! I'm so freaking excited. So GT works terribly on my phone. Please vote below if I should reserve a big table for 10 even though I think we only need half or should I claim a table for 6 which is what I think we'll end up being. The benefits of a big table is I can reserve it and you can walk in and ask the hostess for Groupthink so much easier to find each other. The smaller table the staff won't hate us. Please vote below Also the deets for the 1000th time.

Guests: Me, MadPiglet, Misfittoy, Birdperson, who am I missing?

The Deets:

Date: Saturday 2/22

Time: 5:00 PM

Place: Stuff Yer Face 49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick NJ 08901

Questions email: wwtddgeekgirl@gmail.com


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