looks like I'm going to have a job in NJ, and MitsuBT is definitely going to NYU. So now we have to find a place to live.

We found a house to rent in Lake Highlands. Anyone near there or know anything about the area? Rent is cheap enough that we can afford to pay for parking near NYU and MitsuBT doesn't mind the commute. Here in Hawaii we are used to commutes being over an hour, and it's worth it to us to be in a safe area with more space.

How safe is it to lease a place without seeing it first? The flight for MitsuBT to check out the house is gonna be over $800. We don't know anyone in the area that can check it out for us.

I need to stay north of Hwy 80 for my job, and I'll be working in and around Parsippany if that helps. I'm open to any and all advice and help! Thanks in advance!