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No Angry Judgment Just ... Sigh (no mainpaging, not that you would)


Real conversation I overheard, while sitting on the little golf cart, that was taking all our luggage to the next terminal:


Woman is seated in golf cart. She is, by the way, blind. We strike up a conversation about children because mine is being crabby. She discusses braille camp for her kids. I mention I wish I'd simply gone to more camps, period and how nice camp will be ... for my crabby child. We laugh. My child admires her cane.

Well meaning woman sits down.

WMW: Oh! Are you blind?

Me: lots of inner monologue but outward silence

Other woman who is, indeed, blind: Yes! I am.

WMW: Well! Aren't you brave to be out here like this?

Me: lots of inner monologue but outward silence

Other woman who is, indeed, blind, but you know, also, very patient: Well, it's fine. I'm just coming back from a visit with some friends. How about yourself?


WMW: Well! So brave! I'm going to see some grandchildren. But, I don't think I'm nearly as brave as you are!

Me: (still outwardly silent)

(awkward pause)

WMW: Do you live around here? I know they have some group homes for your people. Do you live in a group home?


Me: head falls into hand

My child: Mommy, are you okay?

Me: Fine.

Other woman who is reaching the end of her patience, clearly: Actually, I'm meeting my husband and children at the next station. We own a home over in (name of nice area in town).


WMW: Oh my goodness! That's incredible! How amazing that you have a family! (pause) So, so amazing. Well, you just hang on to my arm! I will take you where you need to go!

Driver sees my face and smirks openly at the entire conversation. No one notices but me.


Me: Sigh.

Other woman who is really a nice person: Sigh. I'm good. Thank you, though.

**Not judging ignorance. Well meaning woman really did mean well. Just .... you know ... we need more awareness or something. I dunno.



Other conversation my daughter tells me:

My child: Jack**said I wasn't real because you're not married. People aren't real unless they have married parents.


People are starting to depress me already this week. I discussed all this with my child, pointing out how it was wrong and rude, but it explains why Jack's mother turns her nose up at all the school functions. Well, you know, not upsetting as much as good information to know! Some people are just assholes.

**not his real name

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