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Welcome To The Bitchery

There are all sorts of problems with this ad, IMHO. Let's set aside its eye-for-an-eye revenge narrative. First of all, as one commenter on sploid pointed out, it's a very outdated view of bullying: bullying is often not about wedgies and the like; often it's psychological, and the tools of the bully are no longer limited to the physically strong. Heck, even nerds can be bullies. (full disclosure: I was bullied but I also bullied others)


The ad is also classist. Of course the nerds are all going to be in high powered jobs bossing people around! Only techie kids are ever bullied! (They're also all white.) of course all that anger of the bullied will be channeled into success and not directed inwardly into depression or self-sabotage!

This is obviously a very cartoonish, simplified campaign, but we can do better.

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