So, I've been really impressed with consent advertising lately. For example, this is in our grad student agendas:

And on that line, I was on the bus today and saw this ad.

I wasn't sure how to feel about it. On one hand, I love the recent consent stuff, how advertising and awareness campaigns have hit home "what consent looks like" types of things. On the other hand, I found this about one degree shy of triggering for me, and my trigger is not overly sensitive (I believe, in comparison to some people I've met, but that's such a subjective thing). I'm sure that some people would have been upset by this type of image - specifically because this type of sexual assault is so rampant, and so many women have experienced something like it. But that is exactly what makes it effective, and maybe even powerful for young men and women just starting out in college, and maybe just entering a drinking/bar/hookup culture world.

What do you guys think? What's the balance between appropriate and triggering for consent campaigns and sexual/domestic violence campaigns? (I mean, I found Fluterdale's experience on FluteCampus last week to be an example of crossing that line, but I can't find it to link it!) How do we negotiate that boundary between protecting the public by respecting triggers, and protecting the public by tackling a sensitive issue?

(Sidenote: I am hopeless at French, so if anyone translates that I'd appreciate it!)


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