I am trying to report my supervisor for violating my family members privacy and my former boss won't even call me back. About three weeks ago, a few days after I left my job, I had left her a voicemail and never heard back. I assumed I hadn't deposited the message correctly as it is unlike this person to not call back. I sent a quick email yesterday asking her to call me (I had previously mentioned that I had something I wanted to speak with her about and she acknowledged me saying to inform her whatever way makes me comfortable).

She has not responded or called. This is unlike her to not respond to my email and I am taking it as a bad sign that she has not yet called me. Pretty sure I did deposit that original message correctly and she did receive it but is choosing to ignore me. I am highly irritated by this. I have not explained it is about violation of Hipaa etc. Maybe I should have said that but by going this route vs. going to the state or the company who runs our computer system I felt I was doing this in a more informal way. Should I tell her that she has left me no choice but go above her head with the issue? Not say anything and just do it? Or do nothing? Ahhhh. I am sure people here in GT are sick of hearing me post about this. So sorry in advance! This issue has caused me much anxiety trying to decide what the right thing to do is and also great sadness, confusion when my Grandma initially passed away, and grief not only for the loss of her but of my friendship with my supervisor.