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Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled No Charges for Ohio Cops who Shot a Black man who was buying a BB gun at Walmart

Twenty-two year old John Crawford III was shopping in Walmart, and talking on his phone, when police descended on him and shot him twice. Why? He had picked up a BB gun in the store and was walking around with it. This apparently caused someone to call 911 to report that he was pointing the BB gun at other shoppers. However, a store video shows that this was not the case, and the 911 caller has since recanted on that claim.

For some reason this video was not shown to the grand jury, who decided not to press charges on the police officers, who did not even attempt to speak to Crawford before opening fire on him.

So apparently shopping at Walmart for a BB gun is a crime punishable by death, if you happen to be a black man.


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