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No derpression! Only drunkies-time!

Today is Sokka's birfdey. I miss him so much. Happy buthday Sokka. I hope you are having a lovely evening with the people of your choice, and I hope you have nothing but a fantastic birthday week. Meanwhile I will sit heeere and cry in the shower while listening to The Sound of Music be happy and drink white wine and read the new books I just bought. Because I'm being positive and shit and even though I'm homesick and lonely as hell I'm not going to let it get me down.

I need to eat more food right now. I didn't eat much today so i'm more drunk than I should be, also bipolar people should probably not drinkies like this on teh weekdays. WHATEVER, THERAPIST I do what I want! OK BRB going to get peanut butter love you all bye!


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