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No Good Movies Out There

Obviously, the subject line is an exaggeration. The past few weeks have been kinda crummy movie wise for me. And I am a very easy movie slut. I'll fall for anything, every time. I'm super gullible, and am an easy scare. I love silly humor as well, so I'll laugh at anything. I should be the average popcorn movie goer. *Spoilers Ahead Maybe*

But lately, so many movies just aren't good. I didn't like Superman (I loved Henry Cavil though, meee-owwww), Star Trek was good until I realized it was just going to be exactly like Wrath of Khan, except with a role reversal. And even then, it didn't even have the same impact because once you saw McCoy (again, holy Meow, Batman!) with the trible thing, you knew Kirk was gonna live. I still cried, but I am very empathetic and cry during commercials. I am basically a pregnant lady without a fetus. So that was kinda, ho hum. Still very actiony and pretty, but nothing great. Oz was terrible. I can't even talk about it. And I love all three leading ladies in that movie, I just cannot. My boyfriend just made me watch Oblivion, and going in I knew it would suck. Watched it, and my feelings were confirmed.


The only good films I've seen have been horror films. Which is probably just me, because I love everything scary. I loved Mama, and the Conjuring had good scares even though the story was meh (what do you expect going into a horror movie most of the time?)
I actually thought Hansel and Gretel was OK, but I was glad we borrowed it from my dad and didn't pay theater prices.

Then, last night. We watched Europa Report. It had great reviews from Io9 and other reliable online sources. It was set in outer space (which I can't even think about without getting short of breath and having mild freak outs. Outer space and the deep dark ocean scare me to no end. I can't even you guys). It was a search for alien life, and we all know aliens are scary.
But I just didn't like it very much. I mean, it was OK and the acting was great. I just wanted more. More character development, or more scares or more horribly scary "We're all alone in outer space where there is no up or down, and no one can hear you or save you and you may never make it back to your own planet because space is so big!" (gasp gasp). It just needed something (Moon for example, was wonderful and perfection!).


I am excited for Gravity and The Hunger Games:CF. I just feel movies have been lacking lately. Am I getting old?! (I'm 26) Am I turning into one of those "They just don't make movies like they used to" people?
Does anyone have any recommendations? I also like foreign films, but mostly scary stuff. I don't like depressing movies. I can't get out of them. I saw Atonement, and was depressed for a solid week. I can have a good cry, but don't like, wreck my soul.

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