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Welcome To The Bitchery
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No heat and no hot water make Geekgirl something something

So came home from work yesterday to a notice that the heat and hot water won't be working in our section of the development. According to the Geekboy before I got home there were utility, police and fire people there. So obviously something broke.

I really shouldn't be complaining my parents live 10 minutes away, so at least I'll be able to have a hot shower when I need to. However at the tail end of the coldest winter this is not fun. If it's not fixed tonight, (God I hope its fixed tonight) the oven is electric so maybe if I self-clean it that'll warm the place up.


Hair query: so I have nice hair, its soft not greasy and always gets compliments from a new hairdresser. However this is not the case if I don't shampoo every day, if I skip one day of washing my hair, it feels heavy a little greasy the next day. I don't use fancy shampoo I've stuck with regular Suave for the last 10 years.

Except now I'm seeing people talk about how terrible shampoo is and it ruins your hair. Did I break my hair? I would like the option of skipping washing my hair and not feeling gross and greasy the next day. Or is hair just weird and I should accept my fate?

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