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No help from the doctors

I have peripheral neuropathy which, in my case, means that the soles of my feet burn and/or tingle, my ankles ache; the palms of my hands burn and/or throb/tingle. I have degenerative arthritus in my knees and thumbs; on my right hand the thumb has a bone that has disintegrated (Yeah, it is my mouse hand - imagine it has been stressed by 20 years first person shooters), my knee joints are deteriorating. I also have some pretty serious karpal tunnel syndrome. So there is no position that I can sit/stand/lay down in that does not cause pain. I think that I can get a chair that will allow me some comfort. The most successful method I can use to reduce pain is to play computer game because if something can hold my attention. Also the brilliance of theGT Hive keeps me occupied, one of the doctors considered using a tendon to wrap up the missing bone as a method of reducing the pain. The docs say ' lose weight' thatwill fix all your problems. At least I get some mixed meds that help me sleep.


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