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Welcome To The Bitchery
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No. I don't have time for this crap. Life is too short. (alt. title: PSA - remove negative people from your life when possible)

(heads up: mild weightloss/diet stuff, no numbers in the post though)

I had brunch at a friend’s house with a bunch of people, and someone I haven’t seen in a while noticed I was wearing a Fitbit. She noticed that in the hand attached to the writst wearing the Fitbit, was a glass of champagne and the mouth attached to the arm attached to the wrist wearing the Fitbit was eating crabcakes.


And she said something like, “how’s the Fitbit working out for you? I see you’re not dieting, lolololoolololololllllllllllll” I get it, ha ha ha ha ha. I know that with this person, it’s coming from a place of criticism. Other friends - friends who generally are supportive and positive - can say that shit.

Never one to let an awkward pass unaddressed, I looked her in the eye and said, “well aren’t you helpful!” cheerfully.


I started to veer into some self hatred and then though, no. I’m not doing this because someone who doesn’t have any idea what I am or am not doing for my health wants to criticize me in the limited time she sees me.

So, the life-changing epiphany that I come to every three months or so rings true: I have no time in my life for a Negative Nancy. A person like that wants to derail my self esteem to elevate herself.

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