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No information, followed by all of the information makes for a very frusturated Bagelandlocksley

I was recently hired to teach several sections of developmental reading as well as to be a faculty tutor for the learning center at a very, very tiny Catholic university. My previous teaching/matriculation experiences at universities have all been through the much larger state school system, the size of which I faulted for the seemingly endless instances of confusion, poor communication, and lack of resources available to students and new faculty. Turns out, it's just a University thing. Since this is my first time teaching reading (I've previously taught composition) I spent several weeks this summer hounding the Dean of my dept. for any info on what I should be covering, any standardized Student Learning Objectives, and any other info that might be helpful to me. I got a lot of emails back assuring me that I am "on track," but which often failed to answer one or more of my questions. I finally was brought in to fill out paperwork last Monday and was informed that I would need to attend meetings all day Friday, all day yesterday, and potentially part of today and tomorrow. Over the last week I have sat through 20+ hours of orientations and trainings, been given no fewer than 5 folders full of "important" materials, and found out that I need to complete the training for the online system, a sexual harassment "training," and have my syllabus completed and uploaded to the campus system by the end of this week. I also won't know for sure how many sections I will be teaching (or if I will be teaching at all) until Saturday at the earliest (school starts Monday) so I may be doing all this frantic lesson planning for nothing. I know this is often the life of the adjunct, and I know I am lucky to have work at all...but any/all of this information would have been incredibly helpful a month ago. I think this gif basically sums up how I feel:

Any Jezzie teachers have any teaching frustrations/horror stories to share?


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