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Welcome To The Bitchery

My local grocery store has a cafeteria that serves soft ice cream and lattes. Ice cream was a $1.50 for a bowl or cone or both its regular 2 dollars. They serve a lot of ice cream in the bowl, enough for two my mother gets the cone with some ice cream. I get it in a bowl with a cone on top. I also got a Large Mocha Ice Latte. I like it with whole milk and cream.

My tummy now is in revolt. I suspect its the dairy. The large latte is 32 ounces and its $2.50.


It sounds really good. The ice cream was a swirl of chocolate and vanilla. My tummy though is revolting. It tasted so delish going down.

I agreed now on its one only not both.

Upside I have no interest in eating supper.

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