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Welcome To The Bitchery
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No. Just No.

On MSNBC they are dissecting how Hillary is handling the latest email stuff. This pundit woman is saying she shouldn’t directly attack Comey - she should use her surrogates to do it.

JUST NO. Trump gets away with whatever fuckery he wants. He blames everyone and everything and no one dissects that or says he shouldn’t. It’s just Trump. It’s just what he does. They may chastise him, but the level of problematizing does not rise to this level. Hillary has a right to speak out - if she let her surrogates do it, she’d look weak.


And WTF is this about Comey saying that they shouldn’t talk about Russia’s role in the meail hacks because it might affect the election? And sitting on info about Trump’s relationship with Russia? JUST NO!!!!

I am so freaking over this election.

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