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Welcome To The Bitchery

Mitt Romney's bungled attempts at Gangam Style had me feeling cheerful. Those feelings abruptly dissipated when I read the news that Kelly Thomas's killers had walked free. Not guilty on all charges.

Kelly Thomas was a 37 year old homeless, schizophrenic UNARMED man who was beaten to death by cops. There are details that I remember from when this death had happen that have always haunted me; a cop telling Kelly, "See these fists?" Thomas says 'yeah' and the officer proceeds to say, "they're getting ready to fuck you up." I remember that he screamed and called for his father as he was being tazed and beaten, crying out, "Dad! Dad!" and pleaded for help, pleaded for them to stop.


I remember seeing the picture of his face, when he lay comatose in the hospital, bruised and bloodied beyond human recognition, his face hazy with gauze and tubes.

I thought he had a tiny chance. He was white. The city of Fullerton was protesting. pro-cop councilmen were recalled. Some of the cops were fired. And there were multiple video footage sources that showed the unwarranted brutality the cops unleashed on him. I thought there just might be justice for Kelly Thomas.


But there isn't and I am so sad.

If you have the stomach, here's the video.

Well...a snippet of it.

ps. How do I post videos properly on the new editor??

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