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No Kirk Cameron Hurricanes Are Not God Punishment For Our Sins

No shhh let me tell you why. We had a presidential election in 2016 between an extremely qualified former Senator and Secretary of State and proenvironment who knows how government runs vs a reality star who went bankrupt many times. The reality star won and he withdrew us from Paris Accords which would help Nature, put into the EPA not just a climate denier but slashes environmental protections.

Now Mother Nature sees this and who does she punish those that put this reality star in office. So that’s why Texas and Louisiana was punushed by Harvey and Florida now.

You can’t fool Mother Nature Kirk by ignoring her anger.


Of course my reason why we have hurricanes now is silly and idiotic. Still its just as valid since both Kirk and mine are silly and idiotic. Hurricanes are a force of nature Climate Change may be the root cause or something that simply happens.

Neither God nor Mother Nature created it. Its just nature which has no personality, no thought process, just is. Nature neither punishes nor rewards it just is.


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