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No means No for Grade Schoolers

Brainstorm with me please... My 9 year old is currently trying to create a school wide notice about conduct.

Basically a friend of hers is getting harrassed by 2 boys who are bribing another girl to help them trick her into letting them kiss her (like they’ll offer give the one girl $10 if she can convince the girl they like to close her eyes long enough) and to admonish her for not giving them a chance. Basic junior level bullshit. It’s really upset the girl in question, and my daughter spent a lot of time comforting her today.

So my kid (Tiny Feminazi, you’re welcome society) asked if she can create a school-wide notice about how this is not ok, and they said pending the Principal’s approval, that she can do it.


However. She is 9, and could use some pointers on making clear and concise statements that her schoolmates can understand. Right now it seems like it’s going to be a novel on a sheet of paper.

Any suggestions are welcome

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