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No, Millennials are not entitled. Please shut up.

oh my god. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people who make arguments about how "it was better back in the day" or "kids these days are so selfish/ill-mannered/entitled."


Has anyone ever read the Le Roman de Silence? Probably not. (It's awesome - it's a 13th century French romance about a woman who cross-dresses and becomes a knight. Read it sometime.) Anyway, I don't have a copy in front of me and there's only like one good English translation, but there's this whole part at the beginning where the narrator laments the death of culture and how much everyone sucks now and how everything was better back in "the old days" when knights were chivalrous and basically everyone had better manners. The point is, people have been saying this shit FOREVER.


I'm writing this because I opened Facebook this morning and a good friend had written as her status, "I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Spock is the reason our generation is so entitled." I asked her what she meant by this and she said, "He wrote a book in the seventies on how to raise your children right you have to avoid disciplining them. Today we have a generation of self-entitled yuppies who unfortunately plague all smart and nice people in the world. :P" And she was kidding. I know she was kidding. But my initial reaction was ARGHHHH WHAT THE FUCK NO.

Why do people even think this, anyway? I think it's partly nostalgia: older generations notice changes in culture, like for example the change from people just buying what they felt were appropriate wedding gifts to using a wedding registry, which makes sense because people get married a lot later in life now on average and have more stuff. And no one likes change, so the older generations decide this change is indicative of people somehow getting worse. But that doesn't fully explain this phenomenon, which I've heard so many people my own age buying into! Like, seriously, this girl who posted this status (even though it was a joke) is 24. Why do people subscribe to this idea that the youngest generation is the worst, even when they are part of the youngest generation?

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