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Welcome To The Bitchery

No more Subway!

I started taking calls at a cab company today, and they told me I could go ahead and put in two weeks. I thought about it, and I quit! I was going to put in two weeks, but I've been getting treated even more shitty than usual lately so I decided they can suck it. I was very polite and the manager was somewhat understandably pissed and went on about how she's "bent over backwards for me" and how I'm not welcome back. Lol ok bye. Good riddance. I do have a group assessment for what will hopefully be my second job, but if I do get a personal interview, a manager at a different store is one of my reference (the other being a former coworker I'm friends with, and a former coworker who works where I'm applying) so I'm worried she'll screw me over if they call. She didn't screw over the dude she didn't like when he used her as a reference withouto asking, but she also takes the gm's side in everything because they're friends. I think I'll be fine since it's a phone based assessment and I started training on phones this morning! But yeah! No more Subway!

P.S. don't give me shit about not giving notice. I will not put up with it and you will either get dismissed or I'll reply with this dude



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