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John Boehner is resigning at the end of October. Not just as Speaker of the House but quitting Congress all together. He’s a nutbag and a disaster but the fact that he’s been defeated by the people he had a large part in creating is somewhat delicious.

But quotes like this:

“Americans deserve a Congress that fights for opportunity for all and favoritism to none,” said Michael A. Needham, the chief executive of Heritage Action, a policy arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation. “Too often, Speaker Boehner has stood in the way. Today’s announcement is a sign that the voice of the American people is breaking through in Washington. Now is the time for a principled, conservative leader to emerge. Heritage Action will continue fighting for conservative policy solutions, and we look forward to working with the new leadership team.”


just fill me with fear. They want someone even nuttier in place? Holy crap.

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