You make this male oldster misty eyed hearing it in the grocery store. Ok I have no idea if you actually makes young girls cry. Yet you made me misty eyed. Your songs are majestic. I Write The Songs, Weekends In New England, Mandy, Copacabana. Yes truly majestic. Yes I know he did not actually write it.

It took me back to high school and the greatest sweetest dance style ever. A style from the 80s that I believe died in the 80s the Slow Dance. A simple yet complex dance not Waltz or Break Dancing complex. The man’s hands on the woman’s waist. The woman arms around the man’s neck. The feet moving slowly. The only parts of the body touching are from the hands. Bodies apart by 6 inches. I had a few slow dances in high school.

Sadly Dancing With The Stars ignores this 80s dance style.II am sure oldsters remember this. This pic takes me back. I bet I had the same expression as he does. Beyond nervous but wanting to be a great slow dance partner. This is exactly the correct positioning. Len from DWTS would give them a 10 on technique.