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I've had a busy busy week so I didn't get to post this until now, but when I saw Raindogiswaiting's sweet post about my swap gift to her, I had to share what she sent me, too! Because she is ALSO amazing with awesome taste!

Since we share a nail polish fixation we had already agreed to do polish, and she sent me four gorgeous colors! She actually managed to pick four I don't have (a skill in itself since I have over 1000 bottles), and of those four, two were right off my amazon wishlist, which she couldn't have known because it's HIDDEN. So she's just that amazing!!


Here are the gifties she sent:

Forgive the coloring—it's not very accurate because my camera phone doesn't seem to like the lighting in my house and I've never figured out how to fix it. Anyhow, from the top, a tube of Mary Kay Satin Hands hand creme (which was actually PERFECT timing because I just ran out of hand creme and now I don't have to buy more!), then four bottles of polish: Sally Hansen Brilliant Blush (a pearly white/pink duochrome), Maybelline Color Show Sequins in Lavender Spark (one of them from my wishlist—a gorgeous lavender glitter polish), Essie in Fiji (another from my wishlist—the perfect light candy pink), and Cover Girl Satin Sheets, a kind of bronzey-taupey pearl/metallic color.

And as if that wasn't enough, she also gave me a lovely beaded ring—PINK OF COURSE AHHHHH!—which you can see around the lid of the last polish there. And it fits perfectly and looks lovely. :)


Yay for awesomesauce swap partners! I actually felt bad because she gave me four polishes and I only gave her three, but I went up to the spending limit, and I didn't want to overspend and then make her feel weird if she gave me less. There was a whole dilemma I had about how I'd feel bad if I gave her less than she gave me, but also knowing that if I gave her more than she gave me it might make HER feel bad, so I was like AHHHH WHAT DO I DO? Finally I decided I was being silly and if I spent what the price range was, that was good enough. And fortunately she loved her package, so I done good. Yipee! :D

Oh, I immediately used the Lavender Spark to do a glitter gradient over the polish I was wearing (Sephora by OPI's Metro Too Chic). Again, the pic is weirdly colored because of the lighting in my house—it looks better in person than in this pic, but here it is anyway. GLITTER!!


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