Final Update: My step-dad got an email just after 11am from my mother. They slept in a school yard last night and will do so again tonight. Their apartment is okay, but there are a lot of aftershocks. Thank you again for everything.

Update x2: Still have the heard directly from my mother but I have talked to someone with her via Facebook. I even got a photo of her from someone after the quake. They’re both fine. Thank you for all your love and support. It means more to me than I can say.

Update: I heard from someone on Facebook who heard from someone else that they’re okay and safe. Still waiting to hear from them, but I have a lot of hope now. Thank you for all the love.

We’re still waiting for word on my mother and sister. The waiting has been terrible and I’m running out of things to do that might help. I’m going to synagogue tonight, in hopes that being with a community of people will soothe my soul.

I just posted a picture of them on instagram, but I have very few followers there. If you have an active account, please share it with everyone.