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No. No,no, no, no. NO!

Last week, while I was brushing my lower teeth, the back of my sonic toothbrush touched my top right bicuspid and it was like a jolt of electricity. I used a handheld mirror to examine at my tooth and it looked like a piece of the filling was missing.

So today I had a dentist appointment about this and the x-rays show a HUGE cavity behind the remaining filling. Apparently the filling cracked a while back and let in bacteria and the piece that fell of did so recently. Also the remaining filling is loose.

The problem is that the cavity is right fucking next to the nerve and my dentist is thinking that it will be a root canal instead of removing and redoing the filling. Dr C said that it needs to be taken care of ASAP so that the chances of it being a filling are slightly better.


The kicker is that the dental insurance at my new job doesn’t kick in until the end of the month. He said we could wait that long but he really doesn’t want to take the chance. So now I am looking at $1300 out of pocket.

So I am not happy right now

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