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I just finished watching breakout kings on Netflix. The premise is a little...sketchy, but I really like Jimmi Simpson, who played one of the main characters. I knew there were only two seasons, but as the final episode of the second season approached, I could tell they were building to close out the main overarching plot that started in the end of the first season. So I was confident that the series finale wouldn’t screw me over. And they did close out the overarching plot. The serial killer is caught, the US Marshall’s daughter is saved, yay! Happy days for everyone. And then, in the last 2 minutes, they hit us with the biggest freaking cliffhanger. Just, HUGE. And this show got cancelled in 2012. There will be no answers. I will never know what happened. I’m...way too emotional about this

Netflix really needs a filter like they have on AO3 or FanFiction.net, where you can filter out any stories that aren’t marked as complete, so you don’t get sucked into an abandoned WIP.


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