ETA: So who's up for linkage listicle duty? What say you, GTers?

The format would be something like this:

* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring Back the Daily Dump! [Updated!]

*Another link in either reverse or forward chronological order (whichever you prefer)

Sugarhill is willing to help set up a calendar, Whiskey is tentatively on board for tonight. The post could be posted any time before 12am EST on a given day. Please leave a comment below if you're willing to volunteer!

* Tonight = Whiskey
* Tuesday = I volunteer myself!
* Weds = TamTams
* Thurs = Kyosuke
* Fri = Finger Sandwich Snacktastic
* Sat = Moribund the Burgmeister
* Sun = WillTheyOrWontThey?
* Mon = greenheart


For the love of all that is holy, can we bring back the Daily Dump?!?! I just counted 130 posts or comment shares to the GT main since 12:00am EST!! (Do my eyes deceive me? Did I count correctly? God, I hate Kinja so much!) The onslaught of posts since the latest round of authorship privileges has been unending!

*waves and smiles at newbies so as not to be misconstrued as unwelcoming*

I can't possibly be the only person who can no longer keep up, especially if they're only checking in at night. I know that there was a post about this not too long ago, what became of all that?!